BIM is also known as “Building information modeling” which helps us in representation of their building characteristics or information of an project.

Bim is based on a process of digital representation of building which includes the various components which are as follows :-

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Topography
  • electrical accesories
  • mechanical parts
  • plumbing accesories

Bim is mainly used Reconstructions, Reinnovations, refurbishing the building which can help us in slow ageging of a building. Bim is far away from the traditional methods in which we needed to take care of every inches or still we found some errors. Now the things were changes due to the laserscanning in which helps us to create a thin cloud which help Architects and Bim modelers to create a 3D model very accurately. The architects, engineers, contractors, owners, they mostly prefer Bim models which help us in as follows as :-

  • In simulation of the building design
  • Better visualization
  • Analysis
  • Cost estimation
  • Easy to share the building data to any other
  • Efficiency improved
  • less chances of errors
  • more accurate
  • cost effective.
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